15 August
About the Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is a call for change. It’s about getting real with yourself, addressing the way you gamble and deciding to take action. Once you’ve made the decision, you can do something about it. That’s where we come in.

This challenge is about being honest with yourself, and to prove it, we’ve recruited four Victorians with real gambling challenges to get on board and have a go. Almost everyday, they’ll be recording themselves and sharing their thoughts. They won’t hold back as they fight for the person they want to be.

Every week you’ll be able to check in and see how they’re going. Follow their progress, use it as inspiration, then throw yourself into the fight too.

What to expect

The 100 Day Challenge will be different for everyone. You may want to stop your gambling altogether, or you may choose to reduce your gambling. It is a flexible program designed to help you regain control.

During the challenge, you may want to:

  • Set some personal goals to achieve
  • Work out how much money and time you spend gambling
  • Sign up for weekly tips and advice
  • Rate your mood 
  • Record or write a private video diary 
  • Use our tips (sent by email) to reach your goal
  • Write a private diary entry every day/week
  • Learn more about the range of free help available
  • Use a variety of counselling options
  • Ask a friend or family member for support

We also want to emphasise that your challenge is your business. Any information you provide cannot and will not be used to identify you in anyway.

This is about your private journey and the change you want to make. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Because the real you is worth fighting for.

The new 100 Day Challenge 

A new 100 Day Challenge has been created with improved features and forum.

Visit the new 100dc.com.au

If you would like you can still log onto this website for the next 100 days.